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aims at Cape Town based business people with a European link. The intention of this business and social network circle is to look for practical but perhaps also slightly unexpected issues and


Upcoming event

Wednesday 31 March at the Cape Town City Hall
Speaker: ARAMINTA DE CLERMONT • Photographer and Spier Contemporary 2010 winner

• about "Culture, ritual, tradition and group identity"

• about the speaker : Born in London (1971), Araminta de Clermont studied architecture before enrolling in photography at Cape Town's Ruth Prowse School of Art. Her photojournalism, which focuses on the visual currencies of group identity and formation, has been widely published and talked about. 'After Life', her debut solo exhibition, for example, is a document of ex-prisoners and their tattoos. Her following solo exhibition, 'Before Life', focuses on the matric farewells in gang-riddled communities.

She will speak about her previous work, as well as her new work for which she has been selected as one of the five Spier Contemporary 2010 winners. The award winning series deals with the ikrwala (initiation) of isiXhosa boys.

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Café Europe events take place every last Wednesday of the month. Mostly we will kick off with an interesting speaker or a short introduction of a member’s company. The set-up is to have a brief but thorough 20 minutes speech, while encouraging interaction with the public by directly asking people to react, added by the presence of a journalist that acts as a mediator and discussion leader.

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There is no initial membership fee, guests pay per attendance. Invitations will be emailed to a selected list of business people. These names will partially be provided by participating embassies and consulates and business chambers. South Africans are welcome to attend and will typically be introduced by Europeans.


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